It’s no secret that I have been struggling the last couple of months with my food and exercise but more so my head. Tonight I sat down and ate a whole packet of chocolate covered shortbread. I actually don’t like shortbread but the chocolate was good. The whole time I was eating I was telling myself how stupid this was but did I listen? No – not until I felt sick and disgusting and really angry with myself.

Why do I keep sabotaging myself? What am I so afraid of? And what kind of example am I setting my son who really needs to lose some weight, become fitter and feel good about himself!!

I still worry that I should re-join the round – maybe some magic will happen and I will miraculously be back on track. Yeah right!

I have downloaded everything I can – I know what to do – I just don’t do it!

I have decided to work on one thing a week – they say a habit is formed in 21 days (although there is some dispute over that) – so by the end of the next 3 months I should be well on the way to changing at least 9 things!

So I am putting it out there – this is my plan for the next 12 weeks … My theory is the more I say it and write the more chance I have of actually doing it!

  1. I will be in bed by 9:30 at the latest (that’s am – not pm – I am back at work this week and I have a bad habit of taking Lachlan to school and sitting down at the computer. No more – I need sleep!)
  2. I will not eat anything after 8pm – by cleaning my teeth after dinner, keeping some calories to have a snack just before 8 and will power!
  3. I will not eat between meals/snacks
  4. I will stop eating bread – except  mountain bread – I feel much better when I do
  5. I will go for a walk as soon as I get home from work (assuming I am not late)
  6. I will set my alarm and go for a walk every morning before I take Lachlan to school (and encourage him to come with me)
  7. I will walk around work every hour ( about 5 minutes walk) and set my alarm to remind me
  8. I will learn to meditate (something I have never been able to do – my brain takes off in  all directions)
  9. I will not eat anything not pre-planned – especially at work – there are too many temptations.
  10. I will write for at least an hour every day
  11. I will look in the mirror at least twice every day and remind myself that I like me and I am perfect as I am
  12. I will  be in bed by 11pm every night

These things are all small but added together they will help me become more focused and disciplined which is what I need in my life. I have printed them out and put them where I can see them every day and I will check in at the end of each week with my progress