My Bucket List

There are always things you wish you could do – they generally stay in your head and maybe a few things will be achieved but I want it to be more than that! So here is my  list – I will add to it as I remember or think of more and edit it when I have completed any of the things I want to do.

Everyone should have a bucket list – written or not – time passes so quickly and we are so busy that we often forget to take the time to do what will make us happy!

So .. ta da!! .. here it is – my bucket list!

  1. Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia (google it – it is beautiful)
  2. Go up in a hot air balloon
  3. Dance in the rain
  4. Go back to Perth
  5. Do a photography course
  6. Walk the Bridge to Bridge (7km)done June 3rd 2012
  7. Lose 20 kilos   done 15 Ausgust 2012
  8. Then 30 kilos
  9. Write a note (with my contact details, ie email), attach to a balloon and let it go
  10. Write about my nursing in 3 different countries and how things have changed
  11. Go to a show I want to see by myself instead of not going because I have no one to go withwent to see Wicked and Mary Poppins and an Il Divo concert!
  12. Build a sandcastle – with a moat and a flag!
  13. Eat Yum Cha
  14. Go back to Paris
  15. Live and write in Paris – even for just a few weeks
  16. Get ‘One Woman’s Journey’ finished
  17. Get ‘One Woman’s Journey’ published
  18. Go back to Disneyland
  19. Play hopscotch
  20. Visit Canada
  21. Walk in the ‘Walk for the Cure’ (diabetes)
  22. Visit as many as possible of my FB friends
  23. Sponsor a child through World Vision or similar
  24. Walk across (not climb!) the Sydney Harbour Bridge Done – December 2012 with Gill
  25. Go on a Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise (does a Christmas lunch cruise count? 2012)
  26. Do ‘City to Surf’
  27. To watch the sun come up somewhere near water Done! the river near usnext one – at the beach! done The Entrance 28 Feb 2012
  28. Read a novel you wouldn’t choose for yourself –  ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ and ‘The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest’ – I had no interest in them until my son suggested I read the first one and I was hooked – loved them all but especially the last one!
  29. Do a fun run Done! 4th November 2012 with Lachlan

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