The Beginning of a Journey

April 11 2012 – the decision is made! I have been thinking about it for a while and the time has come for me to be serious about getting healthier and on the way lose weight – although the main emphasis is on health.

I have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ many times before with one significant success when I lost 50 kilos (and then fell preganant) but although that was 14 years ago – it means I KNOW I can do it – I just have to be in the right frame of mind. So the big decision was how?

I have been watching Biggest Loser and am a huge fan of Michelle Bridges – one of the trainers – and I discovered she has an online 12 week program.  Take a look at …

After investigating it and a whole lot of procrastination (it is me after all) – I decided this was for me – so I joined immediately and the official beginning is May. We all start and end together – the 2 months prior we have ‘warm-up’ and ‘pre-season’ where we are given tasks and challenges.

I decided to start a blog because it is very easy to quit if no-one knows what I am doing, I am an expert at excuses and procrastination so this is here to keep me honest. I will document the good – and the bad. The only thing I will not document is my actual weight (yet) or any ‘before’ photos – at least not until the ‘after’ ones look a lot better than now!

At this point I am not out advertising this blog  – its not that I don’t want people to join or follow what I am doing – I just want to get it started before too much pressure is put on me – by me. But if you have found it by invitation or by accident – welcome! I would love to hear from you – for any reason – but especially if you are going through your own health/weightloss journey.

Let the journey begin …..

1 thought on “The Beginning of a Journey”

  1. I have just signed up to the 12WBT…. I love your blog, it gives me inspiration!!

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