My Mission

My commitment …

…. to me, my family, my friends and Mish – 3/6/12

1. To give 100% to the 12wbt program
2. To do the tasks set with 100% effort
3. To break old habits. I will not continue to sabotage myself for one more day.
4. To eat healthy and clean at least 95% of the time
5. To exercise to the best of my ability and beyond 6 days a week (5 is acceptable on my working week)
6. To be honest in what I do say and write about my food/exercise/health
7. To never go back to where I was
8. To lose first 5% of my body weight (done), then 10% (done) and to meet and pass each goal set.
9. To lose 20 kilos by the end of this round (at least)
10. To let myself be happy and dream again
11. To realise I will never be perfect
12. To stop resorting to food when I am happy/sad/depressed/etc etc etc
13. To be able to look in the mirror and like what I see
14. To be the best version of me that I can be
15. To commit to eating healthy the rest of my life

16. To walk the Bridge to Bridge walk – 7km (did it  3/6/2012!!)
17. To do ‘City to Surf’ in August ( 14km walk/run) – I will be walking!
18. To not give up
19. To be kind to myself
20. To accept that people can and will still like me even when I change
21. To push myself to try new things no matter how scared I am
22. To learn to accept that I can’t use my weight as an excuse any more
23. To undo the harm I have done with my families eating habits and help them to love good healthy food
24. To be the best person I can be

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