One of the FB groups (hello 30+ girls) I belong to has started with a word of the week – I believe this week’s one is consistency but as much as I tried using that in my life a different word kept popping into my brain so that has become my word of the week and more than likely the whole round. That word is honesty.

It’s honesty with others but more than that it’s about being honest to myself; about being true to what I say, and this especially pertains to 12wbt and my food. My problem, which I am sure many others have, is that I start the day or the week full of enthusiasm and promises but gradually, bit by bit, I have a little something here and a little more over there and I suddenly realise I have gone right away from my plan. Now these deviations are never huge; I mean I don’t go out and buy a donut or cake; they are more the little things like an extra cruskitt or a bit more cereal than I should have or maybe a slice of cheese. Nothing huge, but all added up, it is slowing down my weight loss but more importantly it is messing with my mind.
The really frustrating thing is I know I can do it; of course it doesn’t help that I am on nights all week and not sleeping very well, but they are really all just excuses – good ones 😀 but still excuses.
So what am I going to do about it you ask? I’m not sure. I start most days tracking on My Fitness Pal and then stop, probably because I don’t want to see the calories climb in number. I guess the only thing to do is just stop what I am doing and eat properly. Count those calories. Track properly and be honest.


I think I will go back to putting photos of my food on Instagram and Facebook (sorry people) – it keeps me much more honest and it also helps me make my food look nicer and as we eat with our eyes, that is always a help.

Time to JFDI!