Goals – I found this task so hard the first time, mostly I think because I had forgotten how to dream. I didn’t really think I deserved the things I thought about so I put down a couple of things and left it. I thought this time would be much easier but I still find it hard to be specific because I still don’t realy know what I want to achieve specifically.

I have decided however, that all my goals shouldn’t be weight orientated. Of course I want to lose weight but there is more to life than that and I don’t want to spend my life waiting to be fitter/smaller/whatever and miss out on the journey.

So my over-all goals are

  • To live an extraordinary life
  • To be happy
  • To love myself
  • To do things that are fun
  • To stop worrying about what other people think
  • To spend more time with friends
  • To only wear clothes that make me feel fabulous

Then there are some smaller, but equally important goals

  • To take better care of my skin – cleanse, moisturise every day
  • To do the life writing course I want to do
  • To go to SSS every week
  • To tone my arms

And my weight loss goals for 1 month:

  • Lose 4 kilos
  • To be one dress size smaller

For 3 months:

  • Lose 12 – 15 kilos
  • To be a size 16

For 12 months:

  • To be at goal weight
  • To be a size 14 (or less)