So a new round is about to begin and it’s time to tackle the pre-season tasks. The first one is excuses.  Excuses are the road blocks on the highway of life.

Confession time – the first round I did I sat down and thought hard about my excuses and was horrified at ust how many there were. Last round I copied and pasted – perhaps that helps to explain why I haven’t had a particularly successful round …

So tonight I sat and listened to Michelle’s video and made notes as I listened and voila! here are my excuses  – and what I am going to do about them.

Internal Excuses: Self talk, the judgements I have made about myself.

  • Fear of change – this is a big one for me and it wasn’t until I was listening to Mish that I realised how big. I have made big changes and that little voice (yes she’s back) whispers that maybe it’s enough, that maybe I won’t like where I am going, that maybe I should be satisfied with what I have done so far.  And she would be wrong! I love where I have come so far and I have adapted my lifestyle and its all good, so there is no reason I can’t keep going. JFDI.
  • I am too oldwrong again – I am only a couple of months older than when I started so that’s just stupid! 10 minute rule – because I know once I start I will keep going 🙂
  • I am tiredyes, I get more tired on the week I work, but I am going to allow for that when I plan and diarise and this time I will actually do it properly!
  • I can’t be bothered10 minute rule!
  • It will be much harder without Ian here (he is my cook and the one who tells me to go when I am tired and takes over in the house so I can go to the gym etc) – I need to become more organised and start relying on myself. The other boys will need to take more responsibility for themselves.. Ian is still going to cook for me 🙂 so I can freeze some food (he is such a good boy – he must have a wonderful mother 😉 )
  • I have knee issues the word is adaptaion. The cross trainer and recubant bike at the gym if they are painful. 10 minute rule!
  • It’s too hot/too cold/too windy etc – adapt. DVDs, go to the gym etc

External Excuses: Still within my control – usually involving the outside world.

  • I am not organisedDiarise and plan properly and keep to it. Have 2 different weeks, one for working and one when I am not. Plan menus for working weeks as often the menu plan is not workable for taking food to work (I have my main meal at work). Allow for being more tired on my working week and be kind to myself if I need to be without making excuses.
  • Need to spend more time with Lachlancook together, go to the gym and walk  together sometimes and plan some quality time each day.
  • Can’t be bothered cooking/it is easy to just grab something and its not too bad really – Again – organisation! and Ian cooking for me 🙂

External Excuses: Out of my control.

  • Working night – 7 on, 7 offaccept that this is my life and I need to adapt. Plan 2 entirely seperate weeks. Be adaptable. Accept that on  my working week I may not achieve as much exercise-wise as the other week. Go to the gym on the way home from work. Organise my food for the night before I go to bed so if (when) I am running late I can just grab it from the fridge.

I need to remind myself I CAN do this, I have done this, and wishing does not make things come true. It is time to let go of excuses and stop letting them take control. I am better than any excuses and I need to stop thinking and just do it!!