This is a pretty easy task and I have done most of it before.

  • Heart rate monitor: I decided first round not to use it because it was playing with my head – comparing what other people were doing, but I think its time to get another one and step up to another level – ordered 🙂
  • Ipod: I have my phone with tracks for walking and Mish’s videos for the gym
  • Good quality sneakers – almost time for new ones!
  • DVDs etc – I have a good variety as well as my boxing bag so there are no excuses!

Where to Train:

Up  until now I have mostly walked and recently joined a gym. Mish reccommends –

  • 3 days of Fitness
  • 2 days of Toning
  • 1 day of light fitness, core and stretch

and I have not really done any toning so I am going to follow the gym plan as much as possible. I have learnt I don’t/can’t do as much on my working week and I am okay with that, but my plan for now is

Non-working week

  • gym 5 times a week
  • walk 4 times a week (average 4km)

Working Week

  • gym 3 days a week (minimum)
  • walk 2 times a week (minimum)

Say It Out Loud:

I am adding this on here because pretty much every one I know is aware that I am doing 12wbt. I post my blogs in my favourite 12wbt FB groups but from now on I will post on my page and will let everyone know how I am doing.

I am doing round 4 of 12wbt and I cannot wait! I am commited to sticking to the food plan, to exercising consistantly and to forgive myself and move forward if and when I have less than perfect moments!