Today is the first day of a new attitude, a new beginning and just getting it done.

I was a bit slack the last round with food – still lost 8 kilos but I knew I could do better. I like to call it my ‘head’ round. It was a round where I got a lot sorted in my head; a round where I realised why and how I sabotage myself and how I can stop it; a round when I learned to like me and to understand that this is a journey. Yes, it has a destination, which is still undetermined, and while that final destination is a goal, the journey is so much more important. It might have taken 55 years but I am finally learning who and what I am and want to be.

Doing the Emazon thing yesterday only reinforced a lot of what I already knew; in a way she gave me permission to be the person I want to be. She helped me realise that’s it okay to me, that no matter what anyone else thinks or says, I am the only person who has any say about me! How liberating is that!

So today I woke refreshed and ready to start. Breakfast was good, morning tea was yummy and I am drinking water. I am giving myself the day off exercise – crawling over grass on my knees (at the work-out on Saturday) was definitely not something to be repeated soon. But apart from that it’s all systems go … and it is 80% nutrition 😀

Bring on the rest of the 12 weeks … and more importantly, the rest of my life!