Today was a day I was beginning to think would never get here!

It’s no secret I have been struggling the last couple of weeks, but today’s weigh-in (yes, I forgot yesterday) brings me to exactly 25 kilos lost – never to return!

I have to admit I was a little excited and couldn’t stop smiling. I posted it every where and even sent a text to my son who was appropriately impressed. I got lots of encouragement and congratulations and was feeling great.

So what to do to celebrate? Luckily I had a hairdresser’s appointment so I decided 25 kilos was enough reason for a change. Karen loves it when I say I want something different although I kind of knew what I wanted.  I have to admit though, it was a relief when she suggested that exact same thing.

So now I have a new hair-do. It isn’t complete yet, the front has to grow longer and fortunately it should be almost right just in time for finale.

Do I like it? The jury is still out. It is very short (for me) at the back – although I did love how cool it was today in the heat. Over all I think I do, but there is not much to hide behind any more. I have always had this thing about my fat face and how I couldn’t have it hanging down the sides. It always had to be swept back to give the illusion of thin-ness, so to have it forward on my face is a little un-nerving.

But it is symbolic of my changing. I no longer hide in the house or behind people, or behind excuses. Well, to be honest, I still do occassionally, but I guess we are all human! :D. Like my hair, I am changing, I will do things I once thought I couldn’t, I will no longer be put off by the thought that I might look stupid, or people will see me, or I can’t keep up.

My hair has changed and so have I, but like my hair, there is still a bit more growth needed! 🙂

I tried taking a photo, but why does it never look the same as when you leave the hairdresser and adding in Aqua Zumba really didn’t help. Note to self: plan ahead and take the photo BEFORE it gets wet! Looking at the photo was the first time I doubted my decision, but then I remmeber my mother saying – there is only a few weeks between a good haircut and a bad one and you know by then I will be used to it!

(and just in case Karen reads this – I love it – I really do 🙂 )