Day 2 – 6 of Accountability

7/9  Not feeling so good today and totally exhausted so food was all easy.

8/9  A much better day today – SSS and a walk meant I managed to burn 1451 calories (1062 in SSS) – first time I have got to the 1000 calories! 🙂

and I ate well so I was very pleased with my day.

I also went clothes shopping and came home with a top that was 4 sizes smaller than I used to wear – you gotta be happy with that 🙂


A nice quiet day today -just a short walk then spent the day cleaning out my wardrobe – just a few clothes that need to re-located (to someone else preferably)

and my food ….

a partial day today as I start night’s tonight and sleep through part of the day as I change over …

Night’s my food is usually a little more erratic – but not too bad, especially at the beginning of the week.