Today I ran into someone and in the conversation I said I had just been to the gym. Then I laughed. I had been to the gym!!

Sixteen weeks ago I would have said I would never, ever go to a gym, at the end of last round I thought I would probably go next round but it’s amazing how fast your mindset can change and today I did my first ever gym class! It still amazes me that I did.

It was a step class and the instructor came over as I was new, and after telling her it was my first class she looked at me and said ‘and you chose to do step?’. Ooops – should I have started with something else? Then she explained that I should do what I could manage and just do it on the floor if I couldn’t do the full program. Now she wasn’t being mean or condesending or anything else, but of course my immediate thought was – I will do it! I will show her! :):):)

And I did. Yes, I did some on the floor, less than a quarter I would say, and I certainly did all the low impact stuff but I completed the whole class and I am rather proud of me.

On Saturday I did my first ever Super Saturday Session and I admit I was a bit worried I couldn’t do it but again I just worked my way through and got it done. I probably don’t burn as many calories as some, but that’s okay. I am doing more than before and I am excited about it.

Tomorrow I am off to an Aqua class, Thursday  I am wondering if I could do a Body Combat class and I have Aqua Zumba at night, Friday is Body Vive and then Saturday back to SSS and then Sh’bam. I think I will be ready for my rest day on Saturday. I am trying to fit a lot in this week because I have a pass and I want to make the most of it and see what I like before I splash out and get an actual gym membership. How cool is that!!

Talking about Sunday, we will be having lunch with John’s family and it will be the first time I have seen them since I started 12wbt. I wonder if they will notice!

And finally, showing just what a different person I have become … a photo of me at SSS last week (still not liking photos of me but it is getting better).