Tell me or show me! When and where do you workout? Are you doing anything different this round? Or is it your first time exercising? Is there anything that you’d like to do? but not yet done?

Exercise! Something I rarely did, mostly I think because it just was too much of an effort.

The first time I looked at Michelle’s exercise plans I knew, for me, it was unrealistic. It wasn’t that I was making excuses, at least not toally that, just that I knew that at my weight and age and state of knees etc, it just wasn’t physically possible … yet.

So I decided to walk. At first I could just make 1 km but time the fitness test came I was walking 2 – 3 km a day. My time wasn’t great but I was happy I was doing anything … and once I had dumped my ‘rocker’ heels and bought some good shoes, it became even easier. No more pain in my calves when I walked.

Four weeks in and I had cut almost 2 minutes off my 1km time and I was estatic! I decided it was time to try something else but knew that until I had lost more weight I would be stupid to put too much pressure on myself (and my knees).

So Aquarobics seemed like a good idea, except I had to wear swimmers. I only hesitated briefly then decided I needed to JFDI! I went to a Heartmoves class first worried I couldn’t keep up but I didn’t feel like I had done anything so moved onto the full class. I enjoy it but admit to getting a bit bored. I plan on trying the night classes to see if they are a little more interesting but my favourite is Aqua Zumba on Thursday night. I love it and it doesn’t matter that I am totally unco-ordinated. I just have fun. I wish it was on more often.

I am very lucky that I have a room in our granny flat I am setting up for exercise. My treadmill, which I hate, is set up and I have a TV and DVD player ready with several DVD’s, including Michelle’s. My boys gave me a Pilates ball and boxing gloves for my birthday and as soon as I finish finding more space, I will be able to go down there and exercise no matter the time or the weather. (photo later)

There are not many photos of me, but these are after one of my longer walks – I was a bit tired and hot

What do I want to do? Classes I think – soon – Sh’bam, Boxing etc.

The one thing I have no desire to do is run. I may change my mind but at this point it looks unlikely and I will continue to walk 🙂