Well … obviously the blogging hasn’t been going so well. You miss a few days and then things happen and a few more days pass and suddenly it is over a month ….

I had fabulous intentions – then I forgot my password and before I could get around to tracking it down my son ended up in ICU (he is good now btw) and I had night duty and life kind of kicked in but now it is time to get back to blogging!

So…. Has my health and fitness suffered the same fate as my blog? I am happy to answer that with a resounding NO!! I have now lost a total of 15.2 kilos and am feeling rather pleased with myself.

We are now in week 5 of 12wbt  – almost half way and my goal of losing 20 kilos is looking very possible. The funny thing is only one person has commented, except the girls I work with and I told them what I am doing, and my boys. I can see it a little in the mirror and very definitely in my clothes, but apparently it isn’t that obvious. I am not particularly upset over it, I am doing this for me not for praise but it just seems so odd to me that with such huge changes in my life, no one sees anything.

Last week we had to do a recap of our fitness test and measurements. I was a bit nervous as I didn’t think I had increased the speed I walk by very  much but apparently I have. I cut the time I walk 1km by 1.57 seconds (damn those 3 seconds! Lol) and I have lost a total of 28cm off my body!! In 4 weeks!! How good is that!

These are lovely things to be able to see and stay but this is so much more than just numbers. This is about becoming a different person. Still me, just a different version of me. In just a few weeks, I have gone from not being able to walk 1 km with ease to now doing 4km minimum most days and I often double or occasionally even triple it! My favourite walk to do is the Bridge to Bridge which is 7km. It is such a lovely walk.

It all sounds good and it is really but I have to admit I struggle at times, especially on the weeks where I work 7 nights in a row. I get tired and it is so easy to ‘just have a small snack’, which by itself is okay, but one becomes two and unless I am very organised (which is something I struggle with), I find that while I may not be over my 1200 calories, I am not eating clean. And that really irritates me!

I have discovered a love for veges; not all veges, but an amazing number I didn’t used to like or had never tried. I still cannot like celery though, but I can live with that! I have discovered, or probably re-discovered food. Real food. Food that has real taste and is not masked in sugar or fat or chemicals. I am spending a fortune at the green grocers (do they still call them that?) but I figure it is much better spending it on take-away or crap pre-packaged food. I am enjoying what I eat and am constantly amazed and how little I need to eat to feel satisfied in comparison to what I used to eat. It is a wonderful feeling and even better, it is slowly being passed onto my kids, despite them resisting! That’s the trouble with older kids – they have far too much say in what they eat and sadly my bad habits have rubbed off on them, but I am making sure that at least some of the good ones do as well 🙂

So a little bit about lots of things – enough to say I am back! I won’t promise every day, or even every second day but I will promise to try and do better. The problem is with all this new found energy and love of exercise I am spending less time on the computer, which is a good thing, but it does become a problem when trying to write a blog 😉

Oh well …… until next time 🙂

About to cross the first bridge

Crossing the 2nd bridge – in the distance you can see the first one