oops! It’s been a while. Life as always has been pretty full on but despite it all I managed to fit in my walk on all but one day (and my rest day).

Work pretty much took care of last week with the bonus of having Sunday night off  because Monday was the big day! A bonus because it was also Mother’s Day. I declined getting into bed just to eat breakfast – I hate eating in bed anyway – but Ian made me a lovely breakfast and my 3 boys spoilt me with not one, but 2 bunches of flowers, a Pilates workout DVD and mat that I wanted (they do listen to hints :)) and a gift voucher from my favourite candle store! Not to mention a yummy roast dinner that night!

Then Monday was the day of the Masterclass! I was excited and terrified (what if everyone else knew what they were talking about!) and a whole lot of other emotions and for a brief moment I even thought I might not go, but I caught the train and I was on my way.

We decided, and by this I mean my son had ‘suggested’, that I would catch an early train so I would at least get a seat for the hour long trip and also so there wouldn’t be a huge panic because I didn’t really know where I was going and I would have time to find my way. How well he knows me!

The train trip was good – I enjoy people watching – and before I knew it I was in Sydney. I had about 90 minutes before the class started and only another short train trip so I got some breakfast and sat down to people watch again. Suddenly it was later than I planned … so much for nice and relaxed, but I took a deep breath and I was off again.

Arrivng at the next station was easy – finding MacQuarie Street not quite so much. but I am always ready to ask and within a few minutes I was at the State Library of NSW. A nice security guard pointed me in the right direction and I was feeling much better – almost there! Of course I didn’t allow for the miles of corridors but I still got to the right place with time to spare, even after stopping to gaze in awe at the actual library. What an amazing place! You could be in there for years and still not look at, let alone read, every book! The photo doesn’t do it justice!

The class was wonderful. There were only 12 of us and our ‘books’ covered and huge range of topics and styles. There was one other person with a ‘memoirs’ style book and we connected immediately and will certainly be keeping in touch. Malcolm Knox was fascinating to listen to and so generous with his teaching and advice. The day went way too fast, my head was and is so full of information and ideas, but for me the best part was when we had a one-on-one session with Malcolm for a few minutes and got feedback on our manuscripts (well, the first 15 pages).

Mine, I have to say, was amazingly positive. I am so inspired to keep going and he has given me some ideas of where to send it when I eventually get it done. I came away feeling that perhaps I do have something to say and that one day I might just get it out there!

Another train trip home and with a whole 30 minutes to relax and eat, and then it was off to my 2nd class of the day. This one is at a community college and I am learning about ebay! I figured it would be pretty straight forward – but I learnt so much and I can see the 8 weeks are going to be well worth the time and money!

Tuesday was a very quiet day! I was SO tired, mentally and physically that I really achieved very little – except for my walk!

And then there was Wednesday – weigh-in day :S Up until now I have always accepted I don’t lose weight on my working week … but no longer!! 1.2 kilos! 🙂 I was so pleased! So a grand total of 6 kilos in just over 2 weeks – bring on the next challenge!!

My theme song ..