So yesterday we got out first podcast from Michelle – about taking responsibility and the excuses we make. Among other things she asked us to write down the excuses we use … and the first thing I thought was ‘I worked all night – I am too tired, I will do it later!’. Sheesh! Straight off an excuse! I have a feeling this exercise will be a bit of an eye opener. I have started the list and planned to do more on it over night but it was busy (and that isn’t an excuse lol – I really was!), so will work on it while I wait for it to be time for the school run.

I don’t even have to think too hard, I know all my excuses and I am pleased I am already pushing some of them aside but for me the huge one is night duty and being tired. I have worked nights for 22 years and it is well ingrained but there is no reason I can’t still do what I want and need – just adapt the times and push those excuses back where they belong. Starting next week  …. kidding 😉 Starting today!

I am enjoying the forums even though I am pretty quiet and don’t post much but I have to say I am especially enjoying the 30 plus group on Facebook. Again, I don’t say much but I read and they are an inspirational bunch of people. Like me they have over 30 kilos to lose and that can be daunting if you look at the whole amount, but its so encouraging to see the results everyone achieved in the last round. I am looking forward to getting to know some of them better – once I get brave enough to post :S

On the home front I am feeling like a very mean mother. My 14 year old son is feeling sick and I am pushing him to go to school. He has problems with anxiety and it is always worse on the week I work, but he has to learn to work through it and he did have yesterday off. He does really well and will be fine once he gets to school but meanwhile I am feeling like the wicked step-mother. One day he will thank me … really he will :S

Meanwhile I will try to remember this  …