I love walking, especially first thing in the morning. I just wish my right calf liked it as much!! But I am learning to walk through it instead of going home or stopping.

I discovered something interesting when I was walking yesterday. I always thought I kept a fairly even (ish) pace. Apparently not. For the first time I didn’t have a pocket for my phone so I carried it and so kept checking it. My pace varied in difference by 4km/hr. And when I looked at it, that annoying pain in my calf was always just when I slowed down again. Lesson learnt – a more even pace is desirable. I need to adjust my music choices!!

Today I walked listening to The Power by Rhonda Burn and my walking pace was much more even. Plus I enjoyed what I was listening to and managed to notice it was such a beautiful day out there!. Tomorrow is my rest day, but I will continue listening on Tuesday.

The other thing I love about walking in the morning is the comraderie of the walkers. Complete strangers say hello as you pass. Its nice!

Foodwise I have done good :D. Today 2 of the boys and I went to Coffee Club for lunch. They make THE best Citrus Chicken Salad and its under 350 calories which is fabulous, especially as I am working tonight and so won’t have dinner as I will be sleeping! The boys had Cajun Chicken Strips and Wedges with Bacon and Cheese by the way which made me feel even more virtuous πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

And now having done 2 hours of ironng (great joy!) for which the calories expended count should be huge – but isn’t, I am going to sleep. Night oone of 7 tonight. I will be back – when is any one’s guess lol but meanwhile I am looking forward to the first day of pre-season on 12wbt and to see what challenges Michelle gives us!