I know that sounds a little dramatic but perhaps you will understand more if I say I took ‘before’ photos and measured myself yesterday.

The problem is, until I took those measurements, I could pretend that it wasn’t as bad as I thought, that I was just having a ‘bad day’. But when I see it written down and look at those pictures, I can’t deny it any more and it makes me realise I have done the right thing!

I am not going to post my before photos – I am not THAT brave!! But I guess its time to put up a photo of some kind, so here it is (fortunately my boys will not be reading this and I won’t have to listen to the complaints that their photos are there as well!) Notice how I managed to hide myself in the back ground!

I am feeling a little pleased with myself – I have doubled the walking I have been doing – don’t get too excited, it’s not a huge amount yet, but it will come and its nice to have some stats to compare in the coming weeks.

Yesterday ( 5/5/12)

Steps – 5858
Distance – 3.805 km
Calories burnt – 335.6
Average Speed – 4.1km/hr

You have to love iPhone apps – and I do love this one – its called ‘Pedometer Free GPS+’. I have others as well for tracking weight and food but this is my favourite.

The first time I used it I was surprised how far I had walked, so being the trustful person I am, I got in the car and checked. Surprisingly it was right – I was doing better than I thought. 🙂 Always a bonus.

Today is going to be a day of leisure (well kind of). I had planned on going to the Mind, Body and Spirit Show at Darling Harbour, but there is track work and an hour long train trip just more than doubled, so I will wait for next time. Meanwhile I have a bonus day. I can see some writing in my future 🙂