Today was a good day! Not necessarily perfect, but pretty damn good. πŸ™‚

I slept in and thought I would cut my walk short but I got there and I just couldn’t – in fact I added a bit more than usual πŸ™‚ I am enjoying my walking so much – I remember I used to love it and I really don’t know why I stopped!

When I got home I had my favourite breakfast at the moment – another of Michelle’s recipes – Toast (I like Helgas Wholegrain Quinoa & Flaxseed) with Ginger, Honey and Pear. It is delicious and amazingly filling!

My breakfast

Next it was off to drop my son at school (yeay πŸ™‚ ) and then to have a mammogram. The funny thing is one of my Facebook friends today posted her mammogram story which fortunately had a happy ending. So many of us put off doing these things because they are embarrassing or uncomfortable, but it is something I will never do again. I had my first one 2 years ago and got called back. Immediate panic! Arriving for my appointment a couple of weeks later I was told they would repeat the mammogram, if it was okay, I could go. If there was still any doubt they would do a CT scan and if there was still doubt I would see a doctor and after aΒ  physical exam I would either be sent home or have to go on further.

I was okay when after the mammogram I had to have the scan, but being told the doctor would be in to see me sent me into an even greater panic. She looked at the x-rays for what seemed like forever, and then told me everything was fine. The feeling of total relief at that second is the reason I will always go back. I never want to feel anything other than that again!

Anyway, then I went on to the shops and bought some clothes, smaller versions of some I have and like πŸ™‚ ) and tried on a few others but decided that I was not going to buy anything. I have enough clothes for now, and just think of all the new ones I can buy soon.

But I did buy myself a present – What I like is that the exercises are only 10 minutes long so they can be fitted into even a busy day.

And now to something I have been avoiding doing – not because I think it will be bad, but just because I am lazy. Michelle’s challenge for last week was ‘Over the next 7 days I want you to write down everything you eat and drink.’ I will start this tomorrow – if I start making excuses during the warm-up, how many more will I make as time goes on.

I can’t wait for 12wbt to really start – I know it is going to be fablous!