I am excited – for the first time I truly confident that I can do this thing!

After I slept yesterday (only 4 hours unfortunately) I decided to go for a walk. I have been using the treadmill and hadn’t been out walking for while. Today I only managed to burn 159 calories but more importantly I felt good. For the first time in a very long time I didn’t stop every now and then and think how miserable I felt. In fact I kept pushing myself to go just a bit further, then a bit further again. I kept think in my head JFDI! and imagining Mish telling me to to move. It worked wonders lol. I also played different music, instead of listening to someone talking or some of my favourites, I have made up a playlist of ‘exercise’ songs – one with a decent beat and I am sure that helped! But most importantly, I felt great and arrived back home full of energy and wanting to do more – tomorrow I will go further for sure.

And in case anyone is interested – these are some of the songs on my playlist ….

  • Damaged – Danity Kane
  • Womanizer – Britany Spears
  • Viva la Vida  – Coldplay
  • One Step at a Time – Jordin Sparks
  • Count on Me – Bruno Mars
  • About a Girl – The Academy is
  • Haven’t Met You Yer – Michael Buble
  • Common – Universal Mind Control
  • Feedback – Janet Jackson
  • I Don’t Care – Fall Out Boy
  • Disturbia – Rihanna
  • Part of Me – Katy Perry
  • Starship – Nicky Minaj
  • Turn Up the Music – Chris Brown
  • Call Me Maybe – Carley Rae Jepson
  • Girl Gone Wild – Madonna
  • Good Girl – Carrie Underwood
  • What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction (I know!!  my son is horrified lol)
  • My Boyfriend’s Back –  The Angels