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Yesterday was probably not one of my successful days – being awake all day after only 2 hours sleep is not good – all I want to do is eat … but I have to say, my choices were much better than I would normally make and its a new day today so time to move forward!

I am just home from my second night (only 5 more to go) -I made myself a yummy dinner for work (picture to follow) of Chinese Poached Chicken (another one of Michelle’s recipes), and salad including coleslaw made with plain yoghurt and grain mustard – very delicious! And it would have gone really well but some delightful person, and yes, there is tinge of sarcasm there, left a whole lot of  Easter eggs at work. Who still has Easter eggs left! I figure they were probably trying to get them out of the house – it’s what I would do. So I caved and had one egg. Again  – much better than usual but I am still mad at myself!

I learnt a few months ago that I get to a certain stage losing weight and then I panic. I may not like who I am like this, but at least I know me. What if I lose all this weight and I don’t like myself, or worse, neither does anyone else? I have always been a loner to a degree. What happens if I lose this weight and I discover that it wasn’t because I was overweight that I had trouble making friends, but more because of who I am as a person. Scary thought – terrifying actually!

The time to stop sabotaging myself is over! No more negative talk .. I will lose weight and 12wbt is the perfect way for me to do it!!

So yesterday …

Total calorie intake – 1548

Exercise – 102 calories burnt

Water – 8 glasses

Diet Pepsi – one!

Disclaimer: any mistakes are because I am tired and I will possibly correct them when I am not 🙂