I think all the extra walking has caught up with me lol – I did something I rarely do and slept in – until after 8am – unheard of! Still managed to get on the treadmill though for 13 minutes with plans to go back twice more.

The last day before school starts again so there is the usual running around doing all the things that were planned for the holidays, including a rather large Art assignment due in next week. I would complain but he comes by his procrastination gene honestly!!

Breakfast – Ricotta, honey and pear on Quinoa and Flaxseed toast – 286 calories

Morning Tea – plum – 30 calories

Lunch – Turkey and Cranberry Sauce with salad on a roll – 204 calories

Afternoon Tea – banana – 90 calories

Dinner -Chevups (Skinless chili sausages) x 2, sweet potato, cucumber, tomato, carrot, grapes, avocado and an apple – 480 calories

Water – 8 glasses

Diet Pepsi – 0

Exercise – only got 2 walks in – but surely 4 hours of ironing must be some good – right? Still 100 calories burnt.

But I didn’t quite get to my photos – I would say I was too busy but I am sure there is more to it than that lol – still – another day tomorrow!