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A busy start to the day having to take Lachlan to the doctor’s to make sure he hadn’t broken anything in his foot from his fall a couple of days ago – he hasn’t – just a bad sprain and boy is he milking it!

I thought I might be a bit sore this morning but I surprised myself and felt fine – so after a quick trip to stock up on fruit and veges – I jumped on the treadmill. I have decided I am not stressing about the 30kms – but I will push myself – and now I have my nifty Polar heart rate monitor (and have worked out how to use it: lol) I have decided to focus on time on the treadmill and increasing that as well as calories burned.

So today it was 12 minutes x 3  burning 190 calories – its a good start.

Foodwise I did okay – home made pizza was on the menu tonight (my son cooked and I wasn’t saying no) but it was loaded with veges and very little cheese so not too bad.

Breakfast – Eggwhite Omelette with mushrooms – 97 calories

Lunch – mountain bread with peanut butter and grated apple and raisins, tuna and the rest of the apple – 490 calories

Afternoon tea – plum -30 calories

Dinner – home made pizza – 500 calories

Total – 1117 calories

Water – 7 glasses 

Diet Pepsi – none

I plan on taking photos and measurements tomorrow – yuk! but it has to be done and one day I will use them as ‘before’ photos and be glad I did … one day!